Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It only takes a week to turn around...

So here I sit.... A week, maybe a little bit more and everything has turned around... Everything.

I think I've finally learned how to get out of my own way... After this whole debacle went down with Langerado and the store, I blogged about out which got it out of my system and it's been completely different. I know what I can control and what I can't control...and stressing about the things I can't doesn't get me anywhere it just bleeds into other aspects of life.

The first thing to mention about the turn around is that I was accepted to another art show - Yay! I applied to Indie Craft Bazaar last minute and got in! I had applied once before and didn't, but this time it's fate. The show is October 16th at Cinema Paradiso in downtown Ft. Lauderdale from 1:00-6:00pm. Would love to see you all!

Here are the event info pages:

Page :!/indiecraftbazaar 

It's a Halloween theme so we will all be dressed up with candy to pass out and lots of other fun themed goodness - I'm so excited!

Here are some pics of the custom orders I received in my etsy shop
that were sent out this week:

Doggie Vases and flowers for Dennis and Maria of Three Bean Bakery in Plantation, FL
18 Custom Beatles Flowers for Janice in NY

Awesome New Orleans Vase for Maren in Plantation, FL

Royal Blue Nautical Bottles for Rejena in TX

These are among many that I have received, will post more pics again soon! I've also been prepping for the holiday season with a couple new ornament options that I'm hoping to have listed this week as well. Check the GCD shop for new items every day!

That's all for now - Have a good week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Therapy Session...

What a crazy crazy crazy couple of weeks.... High Highs and Low Lows....

Unfortunately the lows have left me in a bit of a funk for the past few days.... You know when you can feel the funk? Like I feel like I could physically stand outside of myself and see it... Yuck!

So if you haven't already heard, Langerado has been canceled. Done, Finito, arrivederci...... Might as well say goodbye to it for good because this is the second time in 3 years that it's been canceled.

I took it really hard... Though I know, and Andy keeps telling me it obviously had nothing to do with me AND it's not like the show is going on and I wasn't chosen. It's still hard. It was something that I built up in my mind for a long time and saw as a major huge thing - My target market, demographic - 20,000 of them all in the same place at the same time... Ok maybe not 20,000 because of the terrible music line-up, but still! We think that was it's demise... The terrible music line-up was the reason I decided to "vend" at the show anyway... I didn't care about missing the music. Oh that and Yom Kippur - Who schedules a music festival in South Florida on a Jewish Holiday? Good Job C3! This has also turned into a fun job of trying to cancel checks, cancel insurance, request insurance refunds... Nightmare!

So on top of dealing with that... Andy and I drove up to WPB last weekend (Same day as Langerado being canceled) Because "so exciting" GCD was going to be picked up by another store. Get all the way there, North Palm Beach - North Lake Blvd with my 10 pieces, through torrential downpour, and guess what? No one is there! No one is answering cell phones, emails.... Awesome - Fab Day! Thank god for Jamie and Ryan and Taverna Opa at City Place! :)

So enough of the bad... Lets get on with the good....

Under the Mango Tree, a shop that carries GCD in South Beach emailed to say that almost everything is sold out and they need a replacement order. Yay! Always a fun Saturday to head down there for a drop-off, dinner and a little trip to the Delano!

While sitting at dinner down there I got an email saying that I was accepted to Art in the Park. Yay!

What a crazy week right?! From Saturday to Saturday it's like WTF?! When things like this happen it's so important to stay positive and always know that things happen because something better is about to happen. Which it did :) Hard to maintain that attitude in the thick of it, but it really really is true.

So on to a new week.... I've already got a crazy amount of orders on the horizon (Again, all good news) Including an entire wedding! Bouquets, Boutoneers, Flower Girl bouquets.. the whole kit and kaboodle! The wedding isn't until next June, but stay posted - I'm sure there will be lots of fun with that.  :)

Oh and Julie - my friend that I wrote about having done her baby shower flowers and vases, she had her baby! So exciting - Congrats!

Hope everything is well by you - Keep Calm and Carry On Greenies!