Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Currently Obsessing Wednesday....

In an effort to place some sort of structure on this blog one day of the week at a time, I've decided to make Wednesday the day of the week I get to share with you the latest and greatest things I'm obsessing over.

Since the day IS Hump day, here are the things I would like to hump share this week:

1. Viggle -

A big huge thank you to Mr. Dennis Tagliarino for getting my hooked onto this one. I say that in a semi-sarcastic, but very appreciative tone. I'm almost halfway to a free Kindle Fire! Yes ladies and gentleman - FREE! Viggle gives you rewards for watching TV, plain and simple. Think Shazam for TV shows. Log into the app, let it listen to your TV and get points. That's it! You can also watch ad's or play trivia games to earn points. While my Kindle Fire is 375,000 points you can redeem at 7,500 for $5 gift cards to Chili's or Starbucks. Have an iPhone? Download the free app here. FUN!

2. The artist SHAG -

I swear I live in a teeny tiny little bubble sometimes.When Andy and I went to Disney in February, we came across this amazing piece at the Disney Fine Art store. We were so disappointed that they were sold out of the prints and failed to write down the artists name. So for months we tried to track down the above print and were in luck last week when Andy finally found it! Shag (Josh Agle) does the most amazing retro vintage inspired artwork. Back in 2010 he did an entire collection for Disney World, Land and Cruises. From original pieces, to prints, to coffee table books and so much much more check it out - There is even a Shagmart for your purchasing pleasure!

3. This Anthropologie Dress -

Couldn't you just die? I die. At $248 I'm try try trying to make it til it goes on sale... Unless Sara lets me use her birthday coupon :) Jk, It's just sooooo me, I mean click the link - it's GORGEOUS! You know you need it when you've been obsessing over it for days and then your best friend Mrs. Doopiemoo (who doesn't even know you're obsessing over it) forwards you the anthro email saying "I think you need this dress"


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday.... Errrrr Tuesday....

Happy Monday.... Well Tuesday... Still feels like a Monday...

Want, need to get back on a schedule here people... That's what the summer is for. Only a couple weeks left until Buffalo and my summer vacation!!! So many plans for the summer... Not only just Buffalo, but Key West too! Lots of birthdays, weddings and other shenanigans.

Speaking of Shenanigans... Even the ATM is sticky

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend? Andy and I went to a BBQ at the Edelman's house and played with the kiddies in the pool. Yesterday we also ventured out to see The Dictator - Hilarious. There's a scene with a zip line and a robe... You just have to see it. 

We originally tried going to the amazing stupendous Wilton Wings.... Bonk... Nope Closed... Then to Jezebel for a little shopping... Bonk... No again. Soooooo we ended up just taking a cruise down A1A and stopping at Fort Lauderdale Ale House before our movie at Coral Ridge AMC. Can you say free movie tickets? Thanks to a light problem when we went to see The Muppets we scored free tix and only had to pay $14 for popcorn and a soda this time! Ha! :)

Also since this weekend, I'm back to being a brunette! Big thanks to Mama Fullone for putting me back on the wagon - my hair grows too fast for those damn highlights and who needs another car payment anyway?

This weekend I finally finally finally made it through EVERYTHING in my Google Reader. I had over 2000 posts unread... Sorry to the friends and Andy that kept constantly getting emails from me pointing out the cool people, places and events... Some of which had already past. Oh well... Lesson learned.  

You can see my Yelp's on Fort Lauderdale Ale House & Coral Ridge AMC by clicking the links.

Thanks for stopping by! Check out a new summer-fied and updated blog coming soon!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girl... Where have you been?!

Living my life girl... That's where I've been!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! After over a months hiatus I'm back to say hola... or holla.... or challah?

Wow... it feels weird to be typing here after the break, but really really good at the same time. Let's see what's been up over the past month?! I guess I left off last as we were going to the Bahamas... Well... We went! And it was nothing short of amazeballs!

Bahamas Trip 2012

While we were there I read 2 books in 3 days... Something I have never before accomplished - The Happiness Project and The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. No I'm not getting all crazy or depressed... I just love reading stuff like that - Gives a good perspective on life! I also got a wicked case of sun poisoning.... But only on my arms? Oooookkkk?

I had close to a week and a half off and spent the days spring cleaning my house (as inspired by the Happiness Project) playing with my Etsy shop, thrifting with my mom, meeting friends for lunch and dinner, bringing Bella to my parents to run around the yard, doing yoga and anything else that might have fit my fancy. I loved having all that extra time... Sigh....

The Spring Break awesomeness ended with a night in my favorite South Florida spot, Wynwood! Us and the Edelman's headed down to eat at Joey's and take in the Art Walk. I have to say this place is becoming an absolute mad house now during Art Walk! If you're going to go and want to see everything, go early. You would think it was Mardi Gras or something! Best part of the night - Car-e-oke (Karaoke in a car) Or Cari-oke... Either way, laughs to be cherished forever.

Wynwood Highlights!

I even managed to accidentally take a video when we were trying to take a photo again - WTF is wrong with me?! Hilarious!!

In other fun news I had a fun time tweeting with Brad Wollack from Chelsea Lately - I offended him, which I was terribly sorry about! Though it did get his and Sarah Colonna's attention... Sorry Brad... You ARE a sensitive bunny - Love you!

Soooooo.... Since then I had an awesome time vending at Indie Craft Bazaar - Spring Fling. Cari and I set up shop right next to each other and did it for the first time without any manly, husbandly help. (Well... except for Keith coming in the beginning) The show was at Revolution Live and spilled out over into Green Room. I tell ya, the things you notice in there when you haven't had a couple cocktails... Like the entire place filled with Shepard Fairey artwork... Durrr!!!

Having fun at Indie Craft Bazaar!
After the show, we completed the puzzle of loading multiple tables and all of our work into one car and managed to make it to Dennis and Maria's house just in time for dinner and cocktails!

The past weekend we did the annual (or semi-annual) Fullone family garage sale. I never know where I accumulate so much crap! After the garage sale, Andy and I headed up to Sunfest with Dawn, Scott, Kayla and Tyler and had a blast. We were able to sit in the VIP section and see Michael Franti in all of his yumminess up close.

Sunfest fun!

Also in news this month, Andy and I booked a trip to Buffalo next month! For those that don't know - that's where I'm originally from and I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been back there in about 12 years. My husband doesn't know or hasn't seen where I've spent a little less than half of my life. How crazy is that?! I'm so excited to get back to my roots :)

So I guess that's all for now....(Like that's not enough) Going to get back on the wagon with this - Summer is a coming which is fun to be had!! What's new with you!?