Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Cari....

Oh my dearest Carl.... Happy Birthday! I couldn't let you off the hook without an embarrassing birthday post like Marie's :)

What started as an ew moment at the Sawgrass Mall in 2005 has moved into an amazing friendship that can't be compared - Thanks for being a friend, confidant and overall pusher smurf. Who doesn't want a best friend who has the same wardrobe and shoe size? Just think, in 40 years when we're living together and going to Bingo, we'll only have to buy one instead of two of everything.

So, without further adieu... Embarrassment and good times -

Birthday Girl with the best meal ever...
Tarpon after Bunco....

There's a party in my tummy... So yummy so yummy!

Raining on the 4th of July 2007, Litt-al Umberella

Hard Rock 2011

My bachelorette - 2007

Awwwww sad Carl and Rachel at the Delano

Cari's Birthday 2009? See... it's the same guy?!

LOL... Another Tatu night, That's my girl!

Tatu Night... My Birthday

LOL... I promptly stole that dress and still wear it

I think we need stock in Tatu...

Party at D & M's...

Who could ever... EVER forget this gem?

LOL... Do you remember this?!!?

Another night at the Hard Rock...

Halloween 2009!

Right before Cari went in for a tattoo....

Awwwww Hotel Victor 2006!

Awwww litt-al Casey!! Strolling down Lincoln Road!

Look how little the kids are - wow! 2008!

We've officially come full circle with being fully clothed in a pool

Christmas 2006?

I only remember this was New Years 2007 and we had the
giggles so bad that everyone went inside annoyed with us....

A preview of us in 40 years with the big sunglasses and hats - 2009!

LOL... Remember this?!

The original 4.... Miss you Ang!

Seat, Peepee, Hotdog - Keith's Bday 2008

Cari's 30th at Hotel Victor 

Superbowl Party at D & M's

Lunch at Van Dykes.. BYO Champagne.. LOL

Awwww Carl and Kalik!

Wedding Night Fun...

Another Birthday... Another Tatu night... 2007

Cari's first shower 

Mark and Jess' Wedding - 2008

Obsessed with the zombie head - Halloween 2011

Andy Scott sandwich... Halloween 2011

Halloween 2007 at D & M's

Sex and the City movie fundraiser...

YUM!!!! Preggo wants a mini cake!

Dawn, Cari and I at Jill Zarin....

Aleece's Visit - Tarpon Bend
Woohoo sexy legs!!

Holy Tatu-ski

Nothing like a pool cue to the butt....
And finally.....

Love from Bobby Z
Happy Birthday!!!!!! Love you, Retari!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Disney trip in photos....

We had such a blast last weekend in Disney! Staying in the Epcot resort area and being able to walk into the park was such a treat, I don't want to experience it any other way again. We walked in and were in England... Right up my ally :) 

Without further adieu, I give you.... The weekend in pictures -

Pulling up to the Dolphin!

The view from our room, lake view with a balcony!
That's the swan in the background - Swan Lake anyone?

Nerd Alert at the fountain in the lobby!


Heading to the empty Boardwalk for dinner

Yum! Flying Fish Crab Cake!

When you don't make reservations,
you're forced to sit in front of the grill - At least we were able to give
the chef the thumbs up on our steak and scallops!

Napkin... Let the Memories Begin!

Andy on the Boardwalk...

Dolphin at night... 

Drinks at Todd English's BlueZoo

Saturday at Epcot!

Spaceship Earth anyone?

Welcome to Our Future!

Andy and I in our solar powered Jetsons mobile

Character Breakfast at the Swan...

Mmmmmmm... Mickey waffle!

Cari and Goofy... can't tell which is which ;)

Keith, Sam and Casey warming up to Goofy

Just a little chipmunk tail action...

That's a good note to end on... A little Chipmunk tail :) 

Been to Disney lately? Going soon? Do tell!