Thursday, October 6, 2011

Everything Happens For a Reason...

In an amazing turn of events, my shop will be featured THIS weekend on Heartsy.... The same weekend that would have been Langerado.... Oh and might I also add that this weekend calls for rain in South Florida.

Someone up there is looking out for me.... :)

So starting tomorrow (or today if you're a Heartsy VIP) you can buy a voucher and spend $10 for $21 worth of GCD products... Become a VIP and you can receive $31 worth of products for $10... Pretty snazzy!

Join and enjoy!

If you need me I'll be folding and gluing my little heart out this weekend...


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

News and Holiday Craziness.... Already!

It's been a while, so just taking a moment to stop by and catch up.... Hello!

It's been so crazy (in a good way) I can definitely tell the holiday season is upon us and because I'm already feeling the rush.... Such a good problem to have!

This is the year/season that GCD is going to grow grow grow....

So the first in a series of news... and the BIGGEST one... Is that a curator from the website contacted me saying that they want to feature my company. Heartsy has a reach of 150,000 people... that's right folks... 150,000. Think of them as basically Living Social for artists. I offer up vouchers for my store at a discount and they promote me to their followers. Sounds like a good deal no? I offered them a quote and they accepted so we're off and running. I will definitely be sure to let you know the date I'm being featured. Have to write a bio, new shop info and a couple of other logistics.... This is going to be great!

Check out Heartsy here:
The second is that I've been accepted to Art: Sunny Side Up - Holiday Show. It's on 12/3 at War Memorial Auditorium and is sure to be a great time as well. There will be lots of local companies, artists and other fun holiday fare...

More info on the show here: 

I'm learning to get out of my comfort zone in a lot of aspects of my company. The familiarity of the same shows, the same products, etc. I'm trying out a lot of new styles, will be trying to get into new stores, etc. So be on the look out for all the new products!

The one product that I'm most happy to have on the horizon for the holiday season are the new small flower ball ornaments I've been making. They are mini-versions of the big kusudama flower balls I have shown before and look great stacked in a clear vase, hung or even to be used as Christmas Ornaments. They can be made custom to whatever book/style/color scheme you're looking for - Here are some examples:

Harry Potter Paper Flower Ornament

Map of South America Paper Flower Ornament

Beatles Sheet Music Paper Flower Ornament

All are $12.50 - The possibilities are endless..... Special Requests Welcomed!

That's all for now - will write more soon with the deets of the Heartsy feature - I'm so excited!

Not too shabby for the week that was supposed to have Langerado at the end of it... :)