Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend in Review....

What a fun weekend! It could have been even more fun had I not succumb to a stomach bug on Saturday night, yuck! I pushed myself through Indie Craft Bazaar, but after packing up the car and sitting down for dinner at Tarpon Bend, the spins and aches came on full throttle. Props to the Edelmans and Andy for noticing I did not look right and needed to go home. Feeling much better this Monday thank you very much!

Here's a breakdown of the two events that made my weekend!

Grouplove at Ricochet:

I can't say thank you enough to South Florida Music Obesessed for getting Andy and I into this invite only show. After last seeing them playing for thousands streaming Bonnaroo at home, this was such a special treat. I mean there were maybe 100 people there. Such a blast! I'm gonna "bump the beats till beddy bye" for a while to come!

Click over here to see some awesome photos and videos shot by South Florida Music Obsessed of the event!

To see my yelp on Ricochet, check here.


Indie Craft Bazaar: Summer of Love:

Since I already gave you an awesome preview of some of my fave vendors last week, I hope you were able to make it! I ended up with an awesome new Henna love courtesy of Lori, with plans to get another new one next week before we go to Key West!

It was a great show and had an amazing turnout! I have the best friends in the world that keep coming back to visit and even managed to make a few new ones. It's so crazy how you can meet people nowadays! My best ICB meetup would have to be Ashley. We met on instagram (crazy right?!) and she takes the most amazing South Florida pics, not to mention shes a super cool chick! Why did we not get a pic together?! Next time! Follow Ashley and her amazing pics here.

Did you make it out to ICB? What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indie Craft Bazaar: Summer of Love Preview!

If you're in the South Florida area, this weekend there is an art show on Saturday at Revolution Live that can't be missed (and I'm not just saying that because I'll be there with Green Cycle Designs too... wink wink)

Indie Craft Bazaar: Summer of Love!


There will be over 60+ food and art vendors all with an indie flair. I can't say it enough how much I love buying something that is one of a kind made by an actual person sitting in front of you. It's awesome to know you're supporting local artists. Did I mention there will be live music by Emily Sheila and a vintage fashion show by Public Image Vintage? How cool is that?

I would like to give you a little preview with some of the vendors that I keep coming back to and think you'll love them too:

Doopiemoos - Shameless plug, it's my partner in crime Cari's company. She makes the most awesome accessories - you won't be able to have just one. She's also debuting some new pieces (necklaces, bracelets, etc.) that are to die for, you have to check them out!

Awesome new doopiemoos bracelets!

Grateful Threads - Leanna makes the most amazing upcycled and sustainable organic clothing. I live in my Prana pants and love my Beatles skirt. She's happy to help custom make something for you and has so many options and colors!

I love my Prana Pants!

Henna Eden - Have you seen the henna Mrs. Doopiemoos and I have been sporting lately? It's all the amazing work of Lori. I'm so excited to get a new piece. It's tattoos without the commitment and it smells delicious!

Bally Ding Revue & My Little Thrift Store - Traci and her husband Scott have the most amazing vintage pieces, jewelry and photographs. They are super friendly and happy to help you find you're next must have piece!

 Amazing finds from both of these awesome shops!

Melodic Muse - Be sure to stop by and say hi to Cheryl. She makes the most amazing original jewelry from guitar pics and other found pieces. Think of it as wearable art!

Enjoy Yourself Vintage - Christine has the most amazing vintage pieces at unbeatable prices. You're guaranteed to find a new amazing accent piece to bring home! Click the link to see more of the goods she's bringing to the show!

Just a sample of the items Christine is bringing!

Heartbeatz - Debbie makes the cutest accessories from classic fabrics. She also makes baked goods! All delicious - you can't help yourself, but sample all the flavors. Be sure to click over to her etsy page too to see the handmade creations she's bringing!

Debbie's delish cupcakes we had at the last ICB - yum!

And last, but not least - Green Cycle Designs (me, Tara): I'll have lots of new flowers and pieces for your decorating pleasure!

I have to mention as well that Amanda and Chris that run the event are super nice. You will probably see them at the door or walking around. Feel free to ask anyone questions, it's a giant love fest at Summer of Love.

If you can make it or want more information you can always check out the facebook event page here.

Hope you enjoyed my little preview - See you on Saturday!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mama Update....

Isn't she cute!?


After almost 3 weeks since the accident, my mom was able to go home on Friday morning! The accident happened on Monday morning, June 18th. She went to Westside Regional that morning for emergency surgery and was released to go to HealthSouth the following Monday, June 25th. 

The week before she went to HealthSouth was the toughest week I've ever experienced in my life. So many thoughts about life and the way it can change without warning at any moment... 

The surgery was an emergency brain surgery, she had hit her head so hard on the sidewalk that her brain "twisted" if you will and all of the fluid went from one side to the other. This turned into a major contusion and clot that needed to be removed ASAP. He actually had to remove a piece of her skull to get it out and then put it back in with rivets. The surgeon, who is hilarious, told everyone not to worry. The table he put her skull down on was sterilized and he cleaned it off before he put it back in her head. Thanks Dr. Foltz!

So... after a few hours in surgery and 25 staples in her head, she was out and expected to make a full recovery. After the surgery my mom spoke with us for a couple days and then went into a hibernation of sorts for 5 days. She was not responding to us and from what we fearing, was getting worse. 

All of that ended on Sunday morning the 24th. My dad went in early that morning and was greeted with a "Hello!" from my mom. Such an amazing miracle.... the doctors all told us that she would be back (the swelling needed to go down before she would be back to see us), but it was so rough that week. My dad called me that morning from the hospital with a little, "Someone wants to say hello to you" When I got there, I cried like a baby. I was just so happy to hear her voice, see her and know that she was improving. Each day since then has been better and better. She has a little physical and speech therapy to work on, but we see great improvements each day! 

Because of the emergency, we missed out on my mom and my niece Kayla's birthdays. So Saturday night, we went to my parents house to swim and celebrate life....

Happy Birthday Mom and Kayla!

This entire experience has taught me some major life lessons... Most importantly, that life is too short for anything else but love. Treat everyone as if it will be the last time you will ever see them. Hold on to that hug for another couple seconds. Tell people you love them. Don't hold grudges. Keep moving forward. I would never want to look back and say what if; this has taught me that 10 fold.

Thank you all for everything you've done for us over the past few weeks. The outpouring of love is definitely what has kept us all strong! I love you all, XO - Tara

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday Obsessions on Thursday....

Happy post 4th of July everyone, I hope you all got to bed at a decent hour last night. Nurse that hangover with some McDonalds at lunchtime... I promise, it makes it all better!

In an effort to get things back on schedule after said personal family crisis, I present to you Obsessions Wednesday.... on Thursday! Here's this weeks hump love list:

1. Slubby Shirts from Anthropologie -

If we've hung out in the past 3 months, chances are I was wearing one of these beauties. I now own them in black, white, yellow AND my latest addition - Grey. They are on extreme sale now (I just snuck out of work to buy one for $25!) They are oh so comfy and loose and come with these two huge pockets - Perfect for optional hands free iphone handling!

The only color left is the color I don't own, Go figure!

2. The app Quiption -

I love a good photo editing app... When I came across another blogger raving about this one, I had to see what the fuss was all about. It's pretty damn nifty! With pre-made amazing photo overlays you can create an inspiring piece for your twittering, instagraming, facebook pleasure in a flash. It is free and is available in the itunes app store! Here are some of my creations - 

Carpe Diem with my GCD flower back drop

I wish I was there too....

3. My new Hot Pink Sperrys -

Loving my Sperrys!

I have never ever ever owned or thought about purchasing a pair of boat shoes. That is until the other night when Andy and I went to Off 5th Saks at Sawgrass in search for the perfect birthday gift for little Sam Edelman. In the midst of my retail therapy, I came across these beauties at a steep discount. They are hot pink and make such a fun statement - Did I mention they are Sperry Topsiders?! I'm officially a South Floridian! At $25 for a $90 pair of kicks, how could I resist? Now I fit in with all of the other nautical beauties.... Sweet!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks faves - Another mama update will be out soon!