Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back from Europe... Updates!

Wow... Its been a long time.

Everytime I write a new blog, I always say that I plan to do it more, but Ahhhh!!!!

So a lot has happened since I last wrote.

Of course Andy and I went on our trip and had the most amazing time!

Here are some pics:

Crazy fun amazing... I took over 1000 pics - be happy I only subjected you to 4! :)

We visited London, Paris and Rome - 10 days is not enough! Why is it always when you plan something you feel that it's here and gone before you know it. Kind of like a wedding... I'm so ready to go back - even move there. I have this thing when I visit different places, I always want to move there after. Hmmmmm.... maybe someday?

I seriously do plan on writing more blogs now though (you're thinking... yeah right!)

Summer is here and there is a lot more time to be had.

In GCD news... Things have been amazing! The last few weeks have brought in a slew of special orders. I think the trip brought out a lot of inspiration for new flowers and color combos for vases. Art in the Park is coming around again in November, plus I've applied to be a featured artist at this years Langerado in October. All on the up and up!

Etsy shop is under renovation - new/more crisp photos are being added all the time along wit listing updates. With the rain we've been having it's been kind of hard to get outside and take the pics, but all with time :)

I've added a 10% off coupon to my GCD facebook page. All you have to do is "like" me and you can save indefinitely! Here's the link -

What are your summer plans?

Talk soon... no for real for real!

Love, T

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