Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Art Basel Experience...

Art Basel.... What an awesome experience!

First of all, after living in South Florida for over 10 years... wait... make it 15 years... and not making the trip down (how embarassing) it was well worth the wait. This will definitely become a staple in our calendar for many years to come. Though tickets to Basel are $40... each... yes, each....I must say it's so worth it for the experience!

From the Convention Center to Wynwood everything was so inspiring... Such a great event, my only regret is that I wish I could have done more!

Here are some pics of my favorite pieces - Let's start with the Convention Center....

The Entrance

It's so very Muppets isn't it?

The Andy Warhol Room.. Awesome!

There is Magic in All Things... Warhol

It Should... Shouldn't It?

This is a Bikini Contest in Fort Lauderdale in March of '83 (My Bday)
They were just plain cool....

You are encouraged to touch and run through.... GO!

Loved this.... I'll take it!

The newspaper from the day John Lennon died,
pictures removed to focus on the words

Me being silly in the mirror box

And now on to Wynwood....

The Wynwood Walls.... Finally got to see them!

Another one of the walls....

Just thought the juxtaposition of the deer being camo was cool

We do!

It took me a couple tries to read it... But it's great!

Random, but cool!

So that's it in a nutshell... An amazing art filled weekend with so many events, exhibitions, gatherings, concerts, food trucks and SO much more. Hope you enjoyed the pics - I can't wait til next year.... actually forget next year - I'll be down in Wynwood again ASAP!


  1. Love that sign that's hard to read. I want a piece of art like that!

  2. It was really cool... And HUGE too!