Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Blog EVER

There's no where you can be that isn't where you're meant to be... It's easy


Soooo I guess this is where I'm meant to be if I'm here right? If it was good enough for John and Paul, it's good enough for me! The recommendation was to start a blog to go along with my business. Here it is!

My name is Tara Ackerman and I'm an green-aholic! I'm growing and learning and working on building my brand - Green Cycle Designs! I guess this blog will serve as an outlet and an open forum. I'm not looking to get all Julie and Julia on this... I would burn the house down on recipe 1, but it is what it is...

Let the blogging begin!

I started GCD 2 years ago. I have always been an artsy fartsy type, but never really had the correct outlet for it. I'm a Pisces so let's start there - Imaginative, Artistic, Sensitive, Compassionate and Escapist. Right straight dead on.... It's crazy how my horoscope is always wrong, but all of the "traits" of a Pisces are just scarily correct.

So here I am 2 years in with GCD and it's been steadily building... I'm physically taking my stuff to a gallery this weekend - I've mailed my pieces in before, but haven't personally delivered. Excited and nervous all the same... I hate the vulnerability factor, but without risk there is no reward.

Hey at least I pulled that quote instead of the Spiderman one :)

A couple months ago I was lucky enough to meet one of my mentors, Gabrielle Bernstein. Awesome Awesome chick... Google her. Friend her. Love her. So during the mini lecture I asked her about promoting my business and the risks (mostly emotionally of putting yourself out there) and her response to me was that it should never feel like work. If you are passionate about what you are doing others will see it and everything else will fall into place. So that's been my mindset and so far so good...
I should mention that I have the best support system ever. My husband always backs me in my shinanigans, he puts up with a house full of half finished artwork, paint everywhere and mod podge all over the tv remote. Love you Andy! My family and friends are amazing too - always giving me boxes, bottles, vases, corks - Anything to reuse - It comes to me.

I'm like a frickin bag lady - Please don't call me in to Hoarders. Seriously though, you guys rule! I really really appreciate it!!!

Is that enough for blog 1? Is this supposed to have some sort of structure?

I'm hearing Forrest Gump saying, "That's all I have to say about that"


  1. Love the first post! and may I ask what the spiderman quote was?...My interest is piqued and I can't figure out which quote you mean ;)

  2. With great power comes great responsibility... I feel like I hear that every day!!!