Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation all I ever wanted...

Soooooooooo enjoying being home this week... Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Love it!!

Publix is so pleasant at 3:00 on a weekday. Just did a full shop with a cart and didn't have to worry about running grandma over in the produce section :)

Dropped off the 8 pieces at The Hive on Friday - Such a great experience and cute shop! I wanted everything in it. If any of you are ever on Ana Maria Island in FL - Def check it out!

Andy's making fun of me for being a "blogger".... who cares!

Been making lots of new things.. Trying to work on the photographs in my etsy shop. Reading, Cleaning and just relaxing enjoying the time off.... Playing with all the little features on my macbook. Managed to not kill any of Dennis and Maria's fish... LOL yessssss!!!

That's all for now.... Stay tuned!

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