Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday Coconut Grove Arts Festival....

We woke up bright and early on Saturday to make it down to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival before it got crazy busy!

We were on the road at 9:45am and before we knew it, were overheating the FL sunshine - it was so hot this year! We were talking about how in years past it was so cold. The cold would have been totally welcomed this year.

Entrance to Coconut Grove Art Show

Sooooooo we spent a few hours perusing the amazing artists that comprise the fest.

First, stopped and talked to Kimberly Willcox. She's an amazing artist from Gainesville, FL. I have a few of her pieces from way back when I worked at Seldom Seen Gallery, including my amazing jewelry holder. It has to be my most favorite art piece that I own - AND it's functional. She said she gets requests for them all the time, but doesn't make them anymore. I did a little celebration dance that I was able to get one.

My Kimberly Willcox Jewelry Stand

My next favorite stops are at Mullanium and Fobots by Amy Flynn - I love, love, love both of these artists.

We have a Mullanium mirror in our house, (again, back from Seldom Seen days)

Our Mullanium Go Fish Mirror

Along with the mirrors, I'm obsessed with the birds that they make. OBSESSED! The attention to detail on them is absolutely superb, but they are priiiiiiicey!! Woo! Someday, we will make a purchase... someday. The prices for the birds start at about $300 and go up from there.... Maybe when I turn 30.... hint hint, wink wink....

Beautiful Mullanium Bird

The second artist I mentioned is Fobots by Amy Flynn.

Amy is the first person I've seen making these robots going back for years. They are very often imitated (as I've seen at several other art shows), but never quite get the attention to detail that these Fobots (Found Object Robots) carry. Again, they are pretty pricey.... I would say again they start at about $250 and go up from there. 30th birthday again? ;)

Fobots by Amy Flynn Designs

After doing the first half of the show, we always check out the St. Stephen's Art Show. I applied to get into this show this year and wasn't accepted. Actually, they never notified me whether I was accepted or rejected. My application status on ZAPP still says Received. I think it's safe to say at this point, that I didn't get in. My mom bought a really cool metal flower at St. Stephens - pics to follow!

Every year it's an Ackerman family tradition to have lunch halfway through the show in Cocowalk at Cheesecake Factory. This helps to cool down before the second half of the show.... Much needed this time.

Starting the second half of the show...

For the second half of the show, the artist I was most excited to see was Ed King. Ed makes the most amazing pop art and lives right here in Miami. It's his 5th year doing the show and he says it's his fave. His artwork is so bright and cheerful... not to mention so is he. Just a wonderful experience in his booth. I'm totally eyeing this Garden of Ganish piece....

Ed King Pop Art - Garden of Ganish

So there it is.... My 2012 Coconut Grove Arts Festival experience. I'm off to Art Wynwood today, my last stop on this crazy art filled weekend - lots of more cool art to come!

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