Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday Retro Indie Market Fun...

I've been so excited for the past few weeks to head up to Boynton Beach and check out this show!

Flyer for the event....
Cari and I (and little Casey) made the trip up on Saturday and were lucky enough to score some awesome finds!

First a little history on the event:

Retro Indie Market is the creation of Amanda Linton and Michelle Parparian two long time friends who share a love of vintage and indie crafts. With two 2 successful shows between them (Amanda with Stitch Rock and Michelle with The Vintage Trunk Show) they wanted to combine their love of vintage and indie crafts together to create a unique marketplace showcasing some of the best local crafters and vintage dealers under one roof. Making things by hand has long been a part of the vintage home and we are happy to bring the two together once again. 

Located in an old library that now houses meetings and events, this show is a mecca for awesome handmade goods, vintage finds and yummy snacks!

We arrived around 11:15am and waited in a line that wrapped around the building (people know good stuff when they hear about it) The line moved along very quickly and we were in! The building was filled with room after room of the best of the best South Florida vintage and crafters.

One of the rooms filled with goods.....

Our first purchase was from CABFAYRE of an awesome necklace for Casey. She has an amazing selection of awesome cut acrylic pieces - Octopi, music notes & deer necklaces and accessories... Casey settled on a My Little Pony necklace.
Casey and her CABFAYRE necklace

For my first purchase, I scored an awesome vintage navy train case (On the floor next to Casey)! I've been on the hunt for one of these for the longest time and was elated when I came across this one. There is an abundance of super cool ones on etsy, but because of the nature of them (size, weight, etc) shipping is always as much if not more than the case itself. So when I saw this Navy beauty with the gorgeous pink satin lining... I had to have it! If someone knows which shop I bought it from could you please let me know? I'd love to give credit where it is due... I was so excited I paid and walked away without grabbing a card! They were next to the With Sugar on Top booth!

Next we moseyed on upstairs where Cari made purchases from Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles - Yum! and I went over to see Jennifer at OBIE Handmade. I mentioned her awesome rings in my previous post about Odd Duck - I'm obsessed! At this point I think I have 5 or 6 of them - Of course I bought an awesome sun ring... Jennifer is the best! :)

My awesome new Obie Handmade ring

After perusing the upstairs we decided to do another round of shopping downstairs to get at the pieces /shops that were too packed to get to the first time around. This brought us back to Traci with Reinvintage Jewelry and My Little Thriftstore. Through talking to Traci, Cari noticed the awesome stool she was sitting on... and then noticed that it had a tag... Could it be for sale?! YES!

Cari's vintage stool and my sweet train case

That stool is crazy awesome. The date stamped is 1908 and is so cool and rustic. Though hard to tell in this pic, it has amazing claw feet and an awesome cracked wood top. I die. Of course we couldn't leave without purchasing cupcakes from Sugar Mama Sweets.... 

French Toast with Bacon on top.... Yum!

And so ends our fun morning at Retro Indie Market. With more and more of these events popping up in South Florida there is a great show or market to attend almost every weekend. There's no better way to support handmade and local artists!

Actually.... there's no better time to get into the scene than this coming Presidents Day week/end (Feb 16th-20th)! For this weekend alone, here comes Coconut Grove Art Festival, Art Wynwood, Art: Sunny Side Up @ Coral Ridge, City-Wide Market AND ArtiGras up in WPB! 

If you're attending any of the above let me know, would love to see you there! I'm going to try to make my way around to all or most of them!

Reviews, Pics and fun to follow - XO