Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday.... Errrrr Tuesday....

Happy Monday.... Well Tuesday... Still feels like a Monday...

Want, need to get back on a schedule here people... That's what the summer is for. Only a couple weeks left until Buffalo and my summer vacation!!! So many plans for the summer... Not only just Buffalo, but Key West too! Lots of birthdays, weddings and other shenanigans.

Speaking of Shenanigans... Even the ATM is sticky

What did you do for Memorial Day weekend? Andy and I went to a BBQ at the Edelman's house and played with the kiddies in the pool. Yesterday we also ventured out to see The Dictator - Hilarious. There's a scene with a zip line and a robe... You just have to see it. 

We originally tried going to the amazing stupendous Wilton Wings.... Bonk... Nope Closed... Then to Jezebel for a little shopping... Bonk... No again. Soooooo we ended up just taking a cruise down A1A and stopping at Fort Lauderdale Ale House before our movie at Coral Ridge AMC. Can you say free movie tickets? Thanks to a light problem when we went to see The Muppets we scored free tix and only had to pay $14 for popcorn and a soda this time! Ha! :)

Also since this weekend, I'm back to being a brunette! Big thanks to Mama Fullone for putting me back on the wagon - my hair grows too fast for those damn highlights and who needs another car payment anyway?

This weekend I finally finally finally made it through EVERYTHING in my Google Reader. I had over 2000 posts unread... Sorry to the friends and Andy that kept constantly getting emails from me pointing out the cool people, places and events... Some of which had already past. Oh well... Lesson learned.  

You can see my Yelp's on Fort Lauderdale Ale House & Coral Ridge AMC by clicking the links.

Thanks for stopping by! Check out a new summer-fied and updated blog coming soon!


  1. I love you as a brunette! ;) And the picture from squiggy's is hilarious...