Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July fun.... and the week to come!

Happy belated 4th of July everyone! I hope you had a restful and fun holiday filled with fireworks and BBQ's! Spent the 4th at my parents for a BBQ - had a blast all day complete with water gun fights, water balloon fights, frisbee, bouncehouse and whole lot of eating. Felt like a kid again for the day!

I've been so crazy with GCD special orders it's been so much fun. So cool to take a persons favorite book and make it into flowers. Right now I'm working on a bouquet for Elaine in LA for her wedding. It's a vintage themed wedding so I'm taking old pics and clippings from an encyclopedia and making it out of that. So cool.... Looking back I wish I would have been making these bouquets when Andy and I got married. You can keep the bouquet forever!

Here's some of the other newest items in my etsy shop:

The first flowers are made from a vintage Charlotte's Web book that I found thrifting - it even had that hard cover on it from elementary school complete with little kids inappropriate says on the drawings of Wilbur and the farmer LOL - Second is a flower ball made from contrasting pink gift wrap and brown packing paper - Third are flowers made from a vintage The Old Man and the Sea book.

In addition to ripping apart books I'm also making progress on my summer reading. I'm excited I got an email this morning that Bossypants is on hold for me to pick up at the library. Yay - Guess where I'm going today! It's the little things in life that get me excited :)

I have my vacation next week - Insert excited dance! Looking forward to having the time to clean out my second bedroom/studio/storage area. Spring (or Summer) cleaning is ahead - followed by a massive garage sale... Seriously don't know when or how we aquire so much junk!

Have a good Wednesday greenies - Adios!

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