Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Updates for the week...

Hey greenies..... Ok ok so I slacked because I was on vacation... :)

But here I am, BACK - So many fun things happened this week!

Right now I'm working on a couple custom orders - 3 Alice bottles for Katie in Maryland to give as a shower gift AND flowers and vases for my friend Julie's baby shower. The flowers are made from her sonogram pics of the little baby boy - Will post pics soon!

In other highlights of my week, Yoko Ono answered a question for me on her website - I know I know, I'm the ultimate Beatles nerd!

But how cool is that?! It's definitely the little things in life :)

I listed quite a few new items in my etsy shop, as well as did a whole new facelift to the GCD facebook page. I created a welcome/landing page, twitter page, added pics - See I really did read facebook marketing for dummies - HA! It's crazy how easy these services make it for you to do - I used pagemodo which was extremely use friendly.

Let me know what you think:          http://on.fb.me/mOAYum

Langerado was supposed to start notifying artists yesterday that they have been accepted, but so far no email :( Nothing posted on their website either - so my fingers are still crossed.

What's new with you this week?

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