Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hooray I'm All Caught Up!


I write to you at 2:45pm on Tuesday 7/12 to say that I am officially all caught up on my special orders. Such a feeling of relief and I'm really proud! It's been a little crazy (in a good way!) lately in my GCD shop and I'm officially ready again - bring it on!

I'm on vacation this week (from my 9:00-5:00) so it's been great catching up on etsy stuff, movies, facebook, reading, etc. Love it - it's like playing good housewife with an artist career. I like this game :)

I'm almost done with the Bossypants book - seriously a laugh out loud read. Andy thinks I'm nuts when I just start cracking up! How could I resist when Tina Fey admits that she didn't realize it the first time she got her "monthly friend" because no one had talked to her about it and she assumed it was supposed to be blue like on the TV commercials... LOL Come on!

Guess what!? My flowers are featured today in the Favor the Earth Daily Green blog.

Check it out:


Since I'm all caught up, I'm going to work on my Europe scrapbook I've been putting off. Yay!

So.....What's new by you?

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