Friday, January 13, 2012

Anthropologie Lunch Run Fun....

I love doing this... It can be a little hectic and I don't do it too often, but I had a couple gift cards to splurge with from the holidays... So here we go!

Ahhhhhh behold the Anthropologie lunch run...

Anthropologie Aventura

Trying to make it from work to Aventura Mall, park, find clothes, try them on, check out and drive back to work all within an hour. Yes, it can be done! I've even managed to bring along my friend Sara before and we both made it out alive AND with purchases!

This time I had a mission. I knew exactly what I needed so I made a bee line for it!

My Selections....

I always do so much better at Anthropologie when I see what's online first and then go in... The clothes are always so smushed together - beautiful but smushed. Hey, when you only have an hour browsing is not really an option!

After trying on my online finds I committed to two pieces... Basics for Spring! A long white tee with fun pockets in the front and a tangerine fun top with a collar. Tangerine is THE color for Spring don't ya know. Refinery29 and Little Pink Book as well as numerous other sources are all screaming for tangerine!  I love both of my purchases so much I reviewed them on Anthropologie's website and they actually posted them.

You can find the reviews here: White Shirt & Tangerine Shirt - Woohoo! I'm famous :)

On the way out I had to drool over this bed.... Ahhhhhh Someday.....

Amazing Bed Display... Droooooooool

You can also find my Yelp! on this Anthro location here. - Hope you enjoyed coming with me to the mall ;)


  1. Can't believe I was unaware of this lunch run till now! And that tangerine shirt is super cute ;) Loved that you did it with a belt.

    I also drool over a white bed. But as you know my little dirtball of a dog would never let me get away with it. Had to bathe her twice this Sunday just to let her back in the house! That beautiful tufted white would become grey in a hot minute *sigh* I'll save it for my future vacation home where my maid will clean it daily (well, either the bed or the dog! lol)

  2. LOL... What can I say, the librarian's style has a way of rubbing off on me... Belts, Scarves... The whole bit!

    LIL!!!! She loves herself some dirt :)