Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday, but last Wednesday...

A week late, but hey it's Wednesday again! Last Wednesday Cari and I ventured over to Pembroke Gardens for some drinks, shopping and candle sniffing... yep...

Behold Village Tavern.... Home of Wine and Dine Wednesday - Half-Price Wine and Dine Wednesday mind you... Score!

This place can get a little crazy with winos as you can see:

Village Tavern Bar Area

We had a great time in our own little world enjoying our half price bottle of wine and flat breads. We've both been here before (together and separate) and have to say that the food here is ok... O.K. It's definitely the wine that drew us in. Village Tavern has a pretty extensive menu covering all bases, there is sure so be something for everyone.

After dinner we proceeded to shop around the center (which is beautiful, despite it's location in the middle of nowhere) Perusing Banana Republic, Z Gallerie and the Yankee Candle store, we each picked up a few purchases.

Of course after shopping we headed right back to Village Tavern for another glass of wine. There is a wine store in the plaza that we considered... but then remembered Half Price Wine! I will definitely say it's great in that at least there's no catch with this deal, it's just that - half price everything on the wine menu.

It can easily turn two business talking chicks into this by the end of the night....

Doopie Moo's and GCD out on the town...
Cari is modeling the newest rope bracelets in her line. She was generous enough to give me a sneak preview and samples...Woohoo! All of her creations can be purchased here.

For more info on Wine Wednesdays you can click here.

For my Yelp's on the locations featured - see here - Village Tavern, Pembroke Gardens.

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