Monday, January 23, 2012

Sushi Night at the Ackerman's....

Saturday night in the Ackerman household - It's make your own sushi night!

We had the Kaufman's over because we haven't seen them in a while (not to mention that Ryan won fantasy football this year and needed to collect his winnings!) and went at it like master sushi chefs. Master sushi chefs whose rolls explode or are too big to be sealed, but still master sushi chefs...

Andy and Ryan taking to it....
Though it may seem hard to do, the basics are pretty easy. All that's needed is a one time investment in the bamboo mats and soy containers, the rest needs to be purchased on the day of so it's fresh fresh fresh! Bamboo rolling mats can be picked up at any supermarket - I think we bought ours at Publix. Actually, most of the supplies we purchased were from Publix.

Here is our shopping list:

Publix -                                                                      Whole Foods/Doris' Italian Market:

Seaweed Sheets ( for outside of sushi)                         Salmon
Sesame Seeds                                                            Yellow-fin Tuna
Cucumber                                                                   Sriracha (spicy sauce)
Cream Cheese
Sushi Rice
Soy Sauce

We only go to a specialty store for the fish - you can get the other supplies there too, but you'll pay a lot more than at Publix. This time we tried Whole Foods for the fish and there wasn't a good selection so ended up at Doris' Italian Market - so fresh!

Master Sushi Chefs R, J & T with closed eyes
We all played around with different combinations of the ingredients above - making what we chose for our dinner. Spicy tuna rolls, JB rolls, inside out explosion rolls, you name it - It was a sushi making frenzy! Luckily, all of the instructions on how to roll up the sushi, how to make the rice, etc. is all on the containers they come in so no cookbook or even Google has to be utilized.

No breaks... Not even to get soy containers...
In my opinion, the sushi even tastes better when you make it yourself - it definitely gives you a deeper appreciation of the man behind the counter when your JB roll explodes and there's cream cheese everywhere. 

I should also mention that one of the benefits to making your own is all of the leftovers. Though the sushi doesn't last more than 24 hours it's still good for lunch and possibly dinner the next day. We had a lot of extra salmon which we froze and will use for a meal again too. It's a win win! 

Insane leftovers... Hello, Sashimi!

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