Wednesday, March 21, 2012

15th Street Fisheries... Yum!

This past Sunday Andy and I were driving around checking out a few different events in the area and decided to have lunch at one of our favorite places in Ft. Lauderdale - 15th Street Fisheries.

We've been coming here since back when we were dating... (Insert Awwwwwwwwwwww) and it's just such a staple to the Ft. Lauderdale area. Fresh seafood on the water - What more could you ask for?

View of the docks from our seat at the bar

We were surprised at the 45 minute wait for lunch since we arrived around 2:00... Late lunch crowd. So we just sat at the bar.

The food here is excellent! We've never been disappointed. I always get the crab cake sandwich. It comes with fries and a great dill sauce - So yum!

Another must try is the Bloody Mary.... This ain't your grandmama's bloody mary - don't go without having one! It's like a meal in a glass, and at $10 a piece I guess it should be!  It's got the celery stalk... But also an olive, a pepperchini and a HUGE shrimp.... My mouth is officially watering.

Is this not the most delicious thing you've ever seen?

On Yelp, there are a lot of people saying it's touristy. I've really never noticed it being touristy until we noticed the water taxi stop - other than that it's kind of hard to find, down a back street. More of a locals place to me... You can pull up with your boat, fill up gas, get bait, have a meal, etc.

Inside Bar Area... Don't ask why there's a dozen eggs on the bar

They have free valet if you're driving up, which helps because of the location. There's definitely limited parking.

The only thing bad I can say is that it gets super crowded when the weather is nice and can take a while to get a table... But well worth it once you do. Sit outside! You can also buy bait to feed the Tarpon with. Great for kids!

I should also mention that we were able to score a free beer for Andy for checking in on foursquare - see, that whole rant on social media does prove beneficial sometimes... FREE BEER!

You can check out my Yelp on Fifteenth Street Fisheries here or take a drive down on a nice day and enjoy the ambiance!

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