Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend in Orlando...

This past weekend Andy and I made the trip up to Orlando for his best friend's wedding and a little side trip to Walt Disney World!

We went up on Friday morning and headed straight to the Magic Kingdom - We had a deadline and had to be back at our hotel for the rehearsal dinner so we did a crash course in MK which included all the best rides of course!

She said, "Hold him like you really love him"

The funniest thing that happened would have to be the fact that we were stuck on Splash Mountain for 45 minutes. It's never a good sign when you're in the next log to go out and a siren goes off and all of the workers run to the back.... LOL. So we sat and sat and sat and sat... A guy came out and tied a washcloth to the front of our log... Were we the guinea pigs?! We made it through alive and on the way out were handed some pretty cool fast passes good for ANY RIDE in the park... Sweet!

So we left and headed to our hotel - Bahama Bay Resort. It's located just a few miles outside of Disney and all of the wedding festivities were held there.

It was beautiful and really reminded us of the hotel that we stayed at in Grand Bahama for our wedding - Pelican Bay. The wedding went off without a hitch at the beach on the property and the ceremony was held after at the Tradewinds Restaurant and Bar. They had an awesome photo booth for us to play in too - Such a great day!

Eric & Jenny Grossman
After the wedding we were off to Epcot!


Champagne in fake France....
We decided for Day 2 that would we just do the World Showcase and take our time. A completely different experience when you try to slow yourself down and get out of "Disney mode". We kept catching ourselves... "No, slow down! We stayed until about 6:00 and went back to the hotel to hang out with everyone.

Day 3 (our final day) we spent in Epcot as well - we love us some Experimental Prototype City Of Tomorrow! It's by far our fave park. We had lunch at Teppan Edo in Japan which we came back to after our last Disney trip because it's so yummy! We also spent a tiny fortune in the Japan gift shop - they have the coolest stuff!

Cheers from England... Well, fake England

After a day filled with drinks and fun we were ready to drive back home. So that was our weekend! You can check out my Yelp's on Bahama Bay Resort & Teppan Edo by clicking the links!

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