Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday Obsessions on Thursday....

Happy post 4th of July everyone, I hope you all got to bed at a decent hour last night. Nurse that hangover with some McDonalds at lunchtime... I promise, it makes it all better!

In an effort to get things back on schedule after said personal family crisis, I present to you Obsessions Wednesday.... on Thursday! Here's this weeks hump love list:

1. Slubby Shirts from Anthropologie -

If we've hung out in the past 3 months, chances are I was wearing one of these beauties. I now own them in black, white, yellow AND my latest addition - Grey. They are on extreme sale now (I just snuck out of work to buy one for $25!) They are oh so comfy and loose and come with these two huge pockets - Perfect for optional hands free iphone handling!

The only color left is the color I don't own, Go figure!

2. The app Quiption -

I love a good photo editing app... When I came across another blogger raving about this one, I had to see what the fuss was all about. It's pretty damn nifty! With pre-made amazing photo overlays you can create an inspiring piece for your twittering, instagraming, facebook pleasure in a flash. It is free and is available in the itunes app store! Here are some of my creations - 

Carpe Diem with my GCD flower back drop

I wish I was there too....

3. My new Hot Pink Sperrys -

Loving my Sperrys!

I have never ever ever owned or thought about purchasing a pair of boat shoes. That is until the other night when Andy and I went to Off 5th Saks at Sawgrass in search for the perfect birthday gift for little Sam Edelman. In the midst of my retail therapy, I came across these beauties at a steep discount. They are hot pink and make such a fun statement - Did I mention they are Sperry Topsiders?! I'm officially a South Floridian! At $25 for a $90 pair of kicks, how could I resist? Now I fit in with all of the other nautical beauties.... Sweet!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks faves - Another mama update will be out soon!