Monday, July 9, 2012

Mama Update....

Isn't she cute!?


After almost 3 weeks since the accident, my mom was able to go home on Friday morning! The accident happened on Monday morning, June 18th. She went to Westside Regional that morning for emergency surgery and was released to go to HealthSouth the following Monday, June 25th. 

The week before she went to HealthSouth was the toughest week I've ever experienced in my life. So many thoughts about life and the way it can change without warning at any moment... 

The surgery was an emergency brain surgery, she had hit her head so hard on the sidewalk that her brain "twisted" if you will and all of the fluid went from one side to the other. This turned into a major contusion and clot that needed to be removed ASAP. He actually had to remove a piece of her skull to get it out and then put it back in with rivets. The surgeon, who is hilarious, told everyone not to worry. The table he put her skull down on was sterilized and he cleaned it off before he put it back in her head. Thanks Dr. Foltz!

So... after a few hours in surgery and 25 staples in her head, she was out and expected to make a full recovery. After the surgery my mom spoke with us for a couple days and then went into a hibernation of sorts for 5 days. She was not responding to us and from what we fearing, was getting worse. 

All of that ended on Sunday morning the 24th. My dad went in early that morning and was greeted with a "Hello!" from my mom. Such an amazing miracle.... the doctors all told us that she would be back (the swelling needed to go down before she would be back to see us), but it was so rough that week. My dad called me that morning from the hospital with a little, "Someone wants to say hello to you" When I got there, I cried like a baby. I was just so happy to hear her voice, see her and know that she was improving. Each day since then has been better and better. She has a little physical and speech therapy to work on, but we see great improvements each day! 

Because of the emergency, we missed out on my mom and my niece Kayla's birthdays. So Saturday night, we went to my parents house to swim and celebrate life....

Happy Birthday Mom and Kayla!

This entire experience has taught me some major life lessons... Most importantly, that life is too short for anything else but love. Treat everyone as if it will be the last time you will ever see them. Hold on to that hug for another couple seconds. Tell people you love them. Don't hold grudges. Keep moving forward. I would never want to look back and say what if; this has taught me that 10 fold.

Thank you all for everything you've done for us over the past few weeks. The outpouring of love is definitely what has kept us all strong! I love you all, XO - Tara


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  2. Tara,I am so happy your mom is home and doing well:-)

  3. You made your momma cry baby are so precious !!!