Monday, August 1, 2011

Julie's Baby Shower - GCD Style....


So it's been a couple days - but I've been busy around here! Lots and lots of custom orders!

There's one custom order in particular that I want to share with you.....

So back in 2008 when I was just a fledgling little artist, I set up shop at a local art show called Woodstock. This was back before I knew about etsy, before having a website, blog, twitter, etc. (Geez its like caveman days! jk) I shared the booth with my friend Angie who was also testing the waters with her creations. So this was my first show EVER. I had a pretty good response at the show, enough to give me confidence to know that I had something here.

At this show I met Julie.... A fun, spunky, 20 something chick who made my day... I should say made my show. She has a pig, loves DMB and was just the coolest chick. It was 2008 so I had made some Obama recycled paper flowers, that she really liked. We talked, she bought a couple pieces and within a couple days she called me saying she needed some flowers for a friend - I kept thinking "How cool is this?!" She came by and bought a couple more things and my little artist heart was so happy!

A couple years have gone by now and Julie and I have kept touch. She came to Woodstock again the following year and came to see me at Garden Fest in March of this year. Well... My best customer/Miss Julie is preggo! At Garden Fest she told me that she wanted to have my work at her baby shower - Super cool! We brainstormed over a couple ideas until the final decision was made.

Sooooooooo a couple weeks ago she brought over copied sheets of her sonogram, which we cut and made into flowers. She also brought over some clear glass vases that I painted with her shower colors of blue, green and white (It's a boy!) Her shower was over the weekend on Saturday so she picked everything up on Friday - Here's some pics:


The first pic is the beginning stages - painting the vases. Second is the flowers in their vases! Bellisima!


Close-ups of the flowers, made with her sonogram. Super cool :)


Check out the cool shirt she had made too - Mommy! Of course daddy had one too. Love it :)


And last, but certainly not lease a close-up of the flower that has her name on it and a pic of the mommy-to-be with the vases and flowers!

Here's to you Julie! Thank you so much for everything - you rock!

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  1. That is SO cute w/ the sonogram!!! Great idea!!!!