Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Obsessions Wednesday... The Wayfarer

I know I know, I'm waaaaaayyyyyy behind the boat on this one.

Last week during my amazing week off vacation I made a trip to Boca Town Center with Mrs. Doopiemoos for a little retail therapy. Within this retail therapy I had a little inkling of what I had set out to buy.

Behold the Wayfarer....

The originals 

The little black dress of the sunglass world, I had always admired them, those that wear them and the classic chic look that they bring, but had never realized the history behind them. I'm talking way deeper than just a little Risky Business.

They've been around since 1956 and have adorned the most classic of classic (and some maybe not so classic)...

Just a sampling of the appeal...

My beauties are the Wayfarer RB2140 which are the originals, taken from the original design.

Want more history on them? Wikipedia is more that happy to oblige!

Missed the boat or not, I'm in love! What are your fave pair of sunnies?

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